Responses to Systemic Racism

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Many people may be wondering what we can do as individuals and as a church to respond to the concerns about systemic racism currently sweeping around the world.


The United Church of Canada, in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada, has produced a letter encouraging individuals and congregations to consider the following by way of response:


  1. Reach out to a friend of a different race; listen to their story and how current events are impacting them.
  2. Conscientiously and prayerfully consider joining public expressions of solidarity towards seeking justice against racism.
  3. Read books and other materials on racism in the Canadian context, its impacts and the reality of white privilege.
  4. Research critical elements of the legacies of other races.
  5. Engage with the artistic and cultural production of people of other races with a commitment to learn the history and context within these expressions.


The complete letter can be viewed at